Didactic staff - Mechanics

Katowicka 48
45-061 Opole
Phone: +48 77 449 8548
e-mail: kmb@po.opole.pl

    Head of Department


    Secretariat of the Di­dac­tic staff "Mechanics"

    Area of research:
    • Structural Dynamics with seismic and wind engineering,
    • Probabilistic Methods in Structural Mechanics,
    • Finite Element Method and its application in Civil Engineering
    • Reliability of civil engineering structures,
    • Dynamic identification of structures, Structural Health Monitoring, Modal Analysis

    Professional activity:
    • Structural analysis in civil engineering, effects of mine tremors on structures
    • Seismic qualification of high power electrical disconnectors, mitigation of structural vibrations,
    • structural statics and dynamics, wind and seismic effects on structures, assesment of structures

    Important publications:

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    B. Books and monographs
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    C. Chapters in monographs
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