Department of Civil Engineering and Construction Processes

Katowicka 48
45-061 Opole
Phone: +48 77 449 8575

    Head of Department


    PhD stu­dents

    Department's Secretariat

    Main branches of research:

    • Modeling of organizational and technology procedures in the design and execution of the works. Development of numerical models to optimize procedures for the supervision and control of the investment process,
    • Management methods of investment and construction process,
    • Environmental constraints for preparation and implementation of investments. Methodology for the preparation of environmental impact assessments of investment (buildings) during the design, construction and operation,
    • Issues related to programming, design, execution and operation of sanitary systems,
    • Issues related to basics of the architecture and building design,
    • Application of multicriteria analysis methods in complex decision-making processes for highly specialized construction issues,
    • Analyze building objects in terms of both sharp and fuzzy values,
    • Analysis of construction processes using single and integrated methods,
    • The problem of transformations of construction systems in adapted building objects,
    • Study of the possibilities of using wood in construction and reinforcement of wooden structures,
    • Development of methods and means of wood preservation and their impact on the load capacity of structures and their fire safety.

    Department offers the research from following fields:

    • Expertise, guidance and opinions in the field of organization of the construction process, cost analysis, and sanitary systems,
    • Advice on the preparation of tender procedures and specifications in accordance with the Public Procurement Act,
    • Development of programs and the concept of construction and modernization of water supply and sewage discharge, along with economic analysis,
    • Development of Feasibility Studies,
    • Development of the Environmental Impact Assessment Prognosis, master plans, regional and local development plans,
    • Development of Environmental Impact Assessment Reports,
    • Selection of materials and construction solutions, location indications for buildings,
    • Conducting expert opinion on technical condition of buildings,
    • omprehensive design work for all types of newly designed and existing construction (extension, superstructure, change of use) ,
    • Development of technology of health care facilities, food industry, social facilities, etc.,
    • Multi-criterion analysis of tenders, including the evaluation of expert groups,
    • Analysis of information management procedures for modeling the proposed construction of buildings.

    Didactic activity:

    Department of Civil Engineering and Construction Processes provides didactic activity on:

    1st degree studies:
    • Building installations
    • Ergonomy and Occupational Safety
    • Problems of OSH and OSHA standards on structure
    • Building works technology
    • Cost estimate and technical specyfication
    • Building economics
    • Organization of buildings production
    • Directing of investment process
    • Technical drawing with CAD elements
    • General construction
    • Ecological building
    • Descriptive geometry
    • Estimate the technical specifications
    2nd degree studies:
    • Menagement of building ventures
    • Water supply and sewerage