Department of Roads and Bridges

Katowicka 48
45-061 Opole
Phone: +48 77 449 8588

    Head of Department


    Department's Secretariat

    Department performs the scientifically-didactic activity in the range of:
    • designing, construction and maintenance of roads,
    • issues of the geotechnics in road and bridge engineering,
    • static and dynamic analysis of bridge structures,
    • formation and dimensioning of bridge objects, in this of bridge pillars,
    • construction and maintenance technology of bridges,
    • strengthening and renovation of bridges, in this of historic bridges,
    • possibilities of using of composite materials GFRP in bridge structures,
    • environment protection before the noise.

    Research activities range of department workers:
    • problems of designing, construction and maintenance of composite steel, concrete and conjugate structures, monitoring of technical state of building structures, in this of bridge structures (Jan Bujnak)
    • dynamics of building structures together with elements of the wind engineering, investigation of dynamic characteristics and monitoring of quasi-static and dynamic displacements of large building structures using GPS technology (Piotr GÓRSKI, Ph.D., D.Sc., Eng, Associate Professor)
    • static and dynamic analysis and research of bridge structures, problems of refurbishment of bridges, issues of maintenance of steel-railway bridges (Przemysław JAKIEL, Ph.D., Eng)
    • problems of designing, executions and maintenance of roads, analysis of road embankments and slopes stability (Wojciech KOZŁOWSKI, Ph.D., Eng)
    • research and analyses related to the environment protection against the noise, the safety of users of bridge objects, new technologies of materials, the use of composite materials in bridge objects (Beata STANKIEWICZ, Ph.D., Eng)
    • problems of the redistribution of inner strengths in bridge structures, issues of the exploitation of temporary bridges (Karolina Drozdowska)
    • problems of the strengthening and renovation of construction of bridge objects, issues of the organization of non-normative transports on public roads (Monika NAPIERAJ, MSc.)
    • aerodynamics of iced cables of cable-supported bridges, problems of designing of communication objects (Marcin TATARA, Ph.D., Eng.)

    Department offers service activities and expertizes within the range of:
    • designing and modernization of transport communication systems on urbanized areas,
    • design of new constructions of bridge objects,
    • assessment of technical state of bridge structures,
    • research under tentative or exploitive load of road and railway bridge objects,
    • elaboration of method of strengthening and renovation of bridge objects, in this of historic bridges,
    • monitoring of bridge structures,
    • technical expertise and opinion, consultation and author’s supervision at realizations of bridge buildings,
    • research and analyses related to the environment protection against the noise.

    Workers of the department performed scientific trainings, presented reports on national and international conferences and were a party to trips of academic teachers within the framework of the Socrates Erasmus program (Slovakia, Spain, Scotland, Denmark and Germany).