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Department of Materials Physics

Department of Materials Physics

Address: Katowicka 48 Street
45-061 Opole
Phone.+48 77 449 8554


Head of Department
Jerzy Wyrwał, Ph.D., D.Sc., Professor

Zbigniew Perkowski, Ph.D., D.Sc., Associate Professor
Jadwiga Świrska-Perkowska, Ph.D., D.Sc., Associate Professor
Andrzej Kucharczyk, Ph.D., Eng
Andrzej Marynowicz, Ph.D., Eng
Kamil Pawlik, Ph.D., Eng
Mariusz Czabak, MSc. Eng.
Karolina Gozarska, MSc. Eng.

Jan Kubik, Ph.D., D.Sc., Professor
Marcin Haberecht, MSc, Eng

Department's Secretariat
Daniel Frączek, MSc.
Ewa Rembek, MSc.

Laboratory of Physics of Materials Department

Equipment of the department:

strength machine Toni Technik (max. bending force F=20kN, max. compression force F=3000kN)
climatic chamber Feutron,
pyrometer and thermo-hygrometer,
sensors of humidity for wood and concrete,
two laboratory drying chamber,
precise laboratory weights,
two-chamber thermal box,
extensometric bridges, two panels for full tensometer bridges
digital sensors of displacement and meter of length,
optical and digital microscopes (400x),
ionometer + ionoselective chlorine sonde,
filtering column for loose materials.

Laboratory of the Department enable a determination of the following
material features:

strength of concrete (including HPC), mortar and wood (bending and uniaxial compression), deformability,
thermal conductivity coefficient for building materials,
coefficient of water vapour diffusion and water adsorption in porous building materials,
salinity (content of chlorine) in porous building materials,
thermal properties of existing building’s walls,
coefficient of filtration for loose materials.

Research activities:

thermodiffusion (fundamental theorems)
thermomechanics of capillary-porous materials (diffusion, heat transport, phase changes, ion transport, damage mechanics, inverse problems)
building physics (heat, moisture and ion transport in porous building materials, inverse problems)
rheology of building materials (finite deformations of construction in creep conditions (fire), rheology of layered systems and wood)

International cooperation:

VSB Ostrava
STU Bratislava

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