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Department of Road and Bridges

Department of Road and Bridges

Address:Katowicka 48 Street
45-061 Opole
Phone:+48 77 449 8588


Head of Department
Piotr Górski, Ph.D., D.Sc., Eng, Associate Professor

Jan Bujnak, Ph.D., D.Sc., Professor
Przemysław Jakiel, Ph.D., Eng
Wojciech Kozłowski, Ph.D., Eng
Beata Stankiewicz, Ph.D., Eng
Karolina Drozdowska, MSc.
Monika Napieraj, MSc.
Marcin Tatara, MSc.

Lechosław Grabowski, Ph.D., D.Sc., Eng, Associate Professor
Wiesław Kielanowski, Ph.D., Eng

Department's Secretariat
Joanna Gaczek, MSc.

Department manages the activity scientifically - didactic in the range:

projections, constructions and maintenances of roads,
terrestrial works in the road - building ,
formations and dimensionings of concrete and metal bridge objects,
projections of bridge pillars,
construction and maintenances technology of the bridge constructions,
organization of builder's works,
economy and managements in builder's investments.

The scientific interests range of department workers:

projection, executions and exploitation problems of communication objects, whose relative with land and water transport
(Lechosław Grabowski, Ph.D., D.Sc., Eng, Associate Professor)
the mathematical modelling of builder's processes
(Dariusz Fabianowski, Ph.D., Eng)
statical and dynamic analysis of the construction, wind engineering
(Przemysław Jakiel, Ph.D., Eng)
steel - bridges projection, executions problems and of the exploitation of and problems of the projection and maintenances of roads and bridges
(Wiesław Kielanowski, Ph.D., Eng)
roads projection, executions and exploitation problems, embankments and slopes stability analysis
(Wojciech Kozłowski, Ph.D., Eng)
the building physicist - the air exchange in rooms, the ergonomics,
(Elżbieta Miśniakiewicz, Ph.D., Eng)
research and analyses, connected with the protection of the environment before the noise, the users safety of bridge objects , new technologies of materials
(Beata Stankiewicz, Ph.D., Eng)
systems of the organization of builder's processes
(Andrzej Słodziński, MSc, Eng)

Department offers the scientific-research works from the range:

model investigations of bridge constructions
research under the tentative weight and exploitation research of objects of pontages,
seismic twitches of the construction;
fatigues of the material in bridge constructions,
statical and dynamic analysis of the construction;
friction- connections on screws tensing,
expertises technical and scientific,
projects of new bridges constructions and repairs projects of existing objects,
initiations of new technologies to the bridge work;
research and analyses, connected with the environment protection before the noise.

Department employee performed scientific trainings , uttered reports on national and foreign conferences (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal) and were a party to trips of academical teachers in the programme Socrates Erasmus (Spain, Scotland, Germany).

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Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Katowicka 48 Street
45-061 Opole

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